Consume Your Own Tech Investing covers the intersection between human psychology and investing. It is about managing an investment portfolio based on your own "personality tech" - how one is wired mentally, emotionally, and instinctively - to optimize coherence.

Over the years (from left): banking days at Credit Suisse and UBS; meeting the former President of Singapore in 2018 at a SIAS event; with Jeff Lawson (Twilio founder) at Signal 2019

The author, Benjamin Tan, is a seasoned investor with decades of international investing experience and an ex-investment banker. Following his passion for psychology, he is fan of the Enneagram theory and is pursuing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling at Mercer University.

Consume Your Own Tech Investing also includes earnings reviews of companies in the consumer and technology sectors – hence the name - as well as market observations.

As Benjamin discovers more psychology theories, he shares his insights within the context of personal investing.

Check out Benjamin’s podcast interviews below:

June 2023: The Investing for Beginners Podcast - By Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern

This episode is on the intersection between psychology and personal investing. Dave and I discuss our personalities and how they influence our investing behaviors.

June 2022: Talkin’ Money with John Nardi

John and I discuss Amazon, Tesla, and that elusive search for the next big thing.

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Covering human psychology in investing, consumer, and tech sectors. It is also about managing a portfolio based on your "personality tech" without copying others. Author is a seasoned investor, ex-ibanker, and grad student in clinical mental health.


Benjamin Tan combines his growing expertise in clinical psychology (via his graduate program in mental health at Mercer Uni) with 14 yrs of investment banking/buy-side experience (Credit Suisse, UBS, Oaktree) to write about investing behaviors.