Writing a Book: A New Adventure

Towards the end of 2021, I hatched an idea of writing a personal investing book mixed with popular culture humor. As passionate as I am about the subject, I did not have any publishing experience and had never shared any writing online. English is not even my first language!

In other words, the idea was – and still is - pretty insane.

Nevertheless, I started writing a manuscript in early 2022 to get my ideas flowing. The writing process in itself has been a rewarding journey, and I soon learned that creation is the root to my happiness. That was when I started my blog Consume Your Own Tech Investing and Twitter as well. Being quite an introvert, online engagement is still a challenge but I continue to lean into it.

I joined The Atlanta Writers Club in early 2022 and attended their conferences to meet with authors, agents, publishers and aspiring writers. I learned about the processes behind self-publishing and traditional publishing. Both require authors to do heavy marketing, especially social media. So the days of reclusive and elusive writers are pretty much over. Or perhaps that was never the case, merely perpetuated by Sandra Bullock movies like The Proposal and The Lost City?

A sample of books that I have had to study to embark on this writing journey!

After sending out query letters and proposals for my book idea, I signed with Leticia Gomez of Savvy Literary Services as my agent. I was fortunate to have met her at The Atlanta Writers Club conference by chance, and Leticia has been been a huge supporter of my pivot into publishing.

The journey has only just begun. The amount of effort that I have put into the process so far feels immense and, at times, quite stressful. But it has also been fulfilling, as my writing ambition has taken me on different directions that I would never have embarked on my own as just a private investor.

I hope to share more on this front going forward. Meanwhile, I am focusing on building meaningful connections with an online audience on Substack, Twitter, and Commonstock.

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