Sitemap - 2022 - Consume Your Own Tech Investing

Books That Made an Impact in 2022

Disney 2.0: Iger to Reclaim the Magic?

Enneagram: A Useful Self-Awareness Tool

Salesforce: What is Behind This Cloud?

Enneagram: A Tool for Self-Awareness

Writing a Book: A New Adventure

Portfolio: Mix of Value and Growth

Remaining Performance Obligation: An Important Metric to Watch

Stock-Based Compensation at Tech Companies

Mind the GAAP: Profits Prioritized

Higher Uncertainty of Future Cashflows Priced into Present Valuations of Fast Growers

Advertising $$$: Every Company Wants a Piece

Tesla: Solid Results, Bumpy Ride in the Markets

Netflix: "That Will Never Work"

Topsy-Turvy Markets: A Nightmare, Especially for the Perfectionists in Us

The Spotify Play: Q2 Review

Unity Software: Q2 2022 was a Tale of Two Cities

Salesforce: Bigger is Better These Days

Love. Set. Match

Earnings Season Coming to a Close; JFrog Q2 2022 Review

Personal Preferences become Pronounced when Investing in Consumer Names

Doubt: Your Enemy and Your Friend when Investing

Peloton: The Rides were Fun and the Instructors Absolutely Fabulous, but the Stock not so much

Psst, Don’t be a Copycat Investor

Emerging Public Companies: Next Amazons (Part Four of Four)

Enterprise Software: Earnings Season and Metrics to Look Out For

Emerging Public Companies: Next Amazons (Part Three of Four)

Wall Street Target Prices – Different Meanings to Traders and Fundamental Investors

Emerging Public Companies: Next Amazons (Part Two of Four)

Amazon Unbound: Blueprint to Hunt for the Next Big Thing? (Part One of Four)

JFrog: Hind Legs Kicking Hard Amidst Storms In The Market

Stitch Fix: Clients are not Fixated on it

Unity: Metaverse, Interrupted?

Upstart: An Automated Loan Division, Front to Back

“Coffee Can” Approach to Investing – But is that a Blackberry or Apple iPhone inside that Can?

Twilio: Will Top Down Motion Succeed?

Disney: Matryoshka Franchise Model that Gives Birth To New Franchises

Zoominfo: A Case of Eating its Own Dog Food?

Roku: Stick It Back into Netflix?

Alphabet: Fueled by GCP, but Doused by YouTube Letdown

Microsoft: A Deflationary Tool for Customers – and a Safe Hedge against Inflation for Investors?

ServiceNow: "Tools are for fools"

Spotify: "We are not Netflix"

DevOpsDays Atlanta April 19-20

Qualtrics: Every Enterprise Empire Needs a Mentat

Snap Out of It

Tesla - Q1 2022 Results Confirm Hard Moats

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